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SMEI Digital Marketing Certificate Program Syllabus
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Reading Due

Assignment Due

M Aug 28


Intro Video
MIMIC Orientation Video


M Aug 28

Internet Marketing Foundations

  • Describe how computers and servers communicate to enable people to interact with webpages on the internet
  • Name the three objectives of a website
  • Evaluate a website's performance on its three general objectives and identigy specific areas for improvement
  • Chapter 1: Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Chapter 1 Overview Video
  • Chapter 1 - Digital Marketing Foundations - Section Introduction - Lecture Video


TH Aug 31

Web Design (Frameworks)

  • Understand & utilize multiple design philospohies to design and revise webpages to maximize conversion rate
  • Know a variety of webpage elements that should be reviewed and decided upon when desiignng webpages
  • List the dimensions on which an ad and landing page should match to encourage conversion
  • Know the various types of landing pages

Chapter 2: Web Design

WordPress Website Build

M Sep 4

Web Design (WordPress Site)



TH Sep 7

Expert Session:7 Principles of 

Conversion Centered Design

(Oli Gardner / Unbounce)

Expert Session Video


M Sep 11

Web Analytics (Filters; Conversion Funnel)

  • Select the best KPIs for a website of any variety
  • Determine the most needed improvements for an eCommerce website based on an analysis of its conversion funnel
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the various attribution methods

Chapter 3: Web Analytics

Web Design / SEO Mini-project (Home page and landing page)

TH Sep 14

Web Analytics (Channel Analysis; Attribution)


M Sep 18

Expert Session: Keyword Research 101

(George Do / LongTailPro)



TH Sep 21

On-Site SEO (Keyword Mapping; Content Creation)

  • Identify the keywords that would be most worthwhile for a website to target in its search engine optimization efforts
  • Improve a webpage's relevance for a target keyword by suggesting specific changes to the webpage
  • Improve a website's likelihood of ranking for a set of keywords by suggesting changes that will improve the website's quality signals to search engines.
  • Identify possible technical issues that could be impeding a website's rankings
Chapter 4: On-Site SEO


M Sep 25

Off-Site SEO

  • Identify the various type of links found on a webpage
  • Determine the weaknesses in a website's link profile that is preventing it from ranking well on relevant searches
  • Create and implement a plan to earn high quality links from external sources to improve a website's search engine ranking on relevant searches
Chapter 5: Off-Site SEO


TH Sep 28

Paid Search

  • Identify the various types of search engine advertisements and their parts
  • Analyze the effectiveness of an existing search engine advertising campaign
  • Determine ways to improve an ad's position without increasing the bid amount
  • Create a categorized list of keywords on which to advertise on a search engine

Chapter 6: Paid Search


M Oct 2

Paid Search


Web Design / SEO Mini-project

(Category pages and blog post)

TH Oct 5

Expert Session: Paid Search Marketing Experts Video

(John Gagnon / Bing)

Expert Session Video

MIMIC Simulation Round 1

TH Oct 12

Display Advertising (Targeting; Ad Copy)

  • Describe the role of publishers and advertisers in an ad network
  • Distinguish among CPC, CP<, and CPA bidding strategies
  • Use the Google Ad Planner to identify target audiences for your ads
  • Create a test to determine which of two ads is more effective

Chapter 7: Display Advertising

MIMIC Simulation Round 2

M Oct 16

Display Advertising (Landing Page Design; Retargeting)



TH Oct 19

Email Marketing

  • Create an effective strategy for building a commercial email list
  • Create effective content for a commercial email campaign
  • Analyze the results of an email campaign to determine its effectiveness
  • Describe best practices to prevent emails from being stopped by spam filters

Chapter 8: Email Marketing

MIMIC Simulation Round 3

M Oct 23

Expert Session: Email Marketing in the Digital Age (April Mullen / Selligent)

Expert Session Video

Global Attribution Case Write-up 

TH Oct 26

Case: Global Attribution


MIMIC Simulation Round 4

M Oct 30

Social Media I (Content)

  • Describe the virality formula and use it to increase the likelihood of a social media campaign "going viral"
  • Describe the parts of a social media campaign plan and use this plan to design an effective campaign
  • Determine effective ways to use Facebook in a social media campaign

Chapter 9: Social Media I


TH Nov 2

Social Media I (Facebook Advertising)

  • Describe bet practices for performing social media marketing on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Chapter 10: Social Media II

MIMICSimulation Round 5

M Nov 6

Expert Session: Facebook Messenger Marketing (Molly Pittman / DigitalMarketer)

Expert Session Video

MIMICSimulation Round 6

TH Nov 9

Case: Commonbond



M Nov 13

Social Media II (Adapting Content)



Orabrush Case Write-up

TH Nov 16

Orabrush Case


MIMIC Simulation Round 7

M Nov 20

Expert Session: Social Media Planning

(Adelyn Beidenbach / Florida Panthers)

Expert Session Video


TH Nov 23

Social Media Monitoring


MIMIC Simulation Round 8

M Nov 27

Online Reputation Management

  • Identify actions a company can take to address negative criticism online
  • Determine worthwhile actions to increase a company's positive online content

Chapter 11: Online Reputation Management


TH Nov 30

Final Exam Review



SA Dec 30

Final Exam Due






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