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DSMA® - History
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The background of the Distinguished Sales and Marketing Award® (DSMA®) can be traced back to 1923 when the Manufacturers and Wholesalers Association in Fort Worth held their first "Annual Salesmen's Frolic."  In those days, when territories were larger and transportation much slower, it was rare for the entire sales staff to be gathered together in one location. The event was scheduled to coincide with company sales meetings, held when salespeople were back in town at year's end.

In 1927, when the Sales Managers Club was formed in Fort Worth, the new group took over sponsorship of the now-popular event, renamed it, and held their first "Annual Salesmen's Banquet" in 1928.

Two years later, the "Distinguished Service Award," a diamond-studded lapel pin, crafted by a Forth Worth jeweler, was first presented at the annual banquet.  This pin was awarded every year from 1930 until the early 1950s.

Sales and Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI) was founded (as the National Federation of Sales Executives) in 1935, and the "DSA Program" caught on by the growing number of affiliated clubs and became a trademark of SMEI and offered to all SMEI Affiliates in good standing. In 1939, the Memphis Sales Managers' Club, an affiliate of SMEI presented the "Distinguished Sales Award" to twenty-nine men.

The "Victor" trophy awarded today was first commissioned by Tony Whan of SMEI Los Angeles, designed by an internationally renowned artist, and presented in June, 1950, at their first award banquet as the "Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award®", following which time, SMEI formally adopted the new trophy for use by SMEI affiliates for either the "Distinguished Sales Award™" or "Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award®", depending on the focus of the event.  In 2010 SMEI commissioned an artist to create a modern version of the "Victor" trophy using the concept of the original.

The Distinguished Sales and Marketing Award® and Distinguished Sales Award™ is now given each year by SMEI to approximately 1,200 qualified sales and marketing persons worldwide.  It remains the profession's premier award to acknowledge excellence and provide community recognition for outstanding sales and marketing professionals.




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