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Enable Employees to Unleash Their Power

Thursday, May 19, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Val Jiwa
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A successful Human Resources Strategy involves efficient talent acquisition, accurate performance measurement, and fair employee compensation. In every step of the employee lifecycle in a company, there is an unrealized and hidden potential that can be unlocked by EN-abling the employees. It ensures the elimination of disgruntled idle workers as well as reaching the full threshold of the strengths of the employees. This process of enablement has proven to result in a powerful transformation within both small and large enterprises through driving higher performance, productivity, and profits. Companies are made up of employees, and it is through exploiting their latent talent that corporations have become successful.

Sales and Marketing leaders who have as one of their primary responsibility areas the acquisition and retention of their team would do well by following the process involved in EN-abling the employees. Broadly speaking, there are seven ways to EN-able employees, not in any particular order: EN-ergize, EN-gage, EN-courage, EN-tice, EN-trust, EN-tertain, and EN-d. However, the resources that would go into EN-abling employees would be considered worthwhile only if it cultivates a corporate culture whereby the workers are not just doing their bare minimum but are genuinely interested in being their level best to enhance the company’s productivity and efficiency.

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