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Leader Log In - SMEI Group Leader Position Description
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SMEI Group Leader Volunteer Position Description

SMEI Group Leader


The SMEI Group Leader is one of the most important positions in SMEI’s volunteer leadership team.  The Group Leader is responsible for communicating the vision of SMEI and deploying the strategy of SMEI at the local level.  The Group Leader position can be one of the most rewarding positions, too, as the positive impact of a great group leader can easily be measured in terms of member engagement and local membership participation.  The Group Leader gains significant recognition from SMEI and in the local community through their volunteer activities.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Communicate the mission, vision and strategy of SMEI to local members and prospective members
  2. Represent SMEI in the local community
  3. Recruit and lead local committee members and delegate responsibility for events; membership; marketing; and professional certification*
  4. Recruit corporate host sponsors for SMEI Roundtable Series
  5. Liaise with SMEI State/Provincial/Region Leader (as applicable), SMEI Board with respect to strategy
  6. Liaison with the SMEI President with respect to operational matters
  7. Create annual SMEI Group Calendar of Events, based on SMEI Master Calendar
  8. Set annual local group membership target goals for acquisition and retention
  9. Attends monthly membership events and presides as MC
  10. Holds monthly in-person meetings with entire group leadership committee; selects and delegates responsibility for Roundtable Facilitator*
  11. Responds in a timely and professional manner to all communication from Committee Chairs, members, SMEI Leadership and staff 

*This is aspirational and does not need to be done until you there is a minimum of 20 group members and the group leader has received training from SMEI.


  1. Professional or Executive Membership in good standing
  2. Understanding, acknowledgement and compliance with SMEI policies and procedures regarding group activities and operations
  3. Willing and able to devote time to organize and lead group activities
  4. Attendance at Online SMEI Group Leadership Meetings
  5. Completion of a Group leadership application form
  6. Sign a Volunteer Agreement  


  1. Active CSE® or CME® or certification or application completed and exam pending
  2. Attend annual SMEI Leadership Conference 


  1. Visionary – I see both how things are and how they could be.
  2. Inclusive – I attract others to the effort and welcome their input.
  3. Transparent – I’m open and honest.
  4. Inspirational – I motivate my team.
  5. Generous – I create opportunities by delegating for all to contribute in a significant way.
  6. Loyal - I understand and respect differences of opinion, but will speak with one voice in respresenting the mission, vision & strategy of the organization.





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